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Maphilindo Silat

Maphilindo Silat is the term given to describe Guro Dan Inosanto’s personal combat system. It was designed and developed in the early eighties to honour and give recognition to the many Silat instructors that Guro Dan had the honour & privilege of training under. The word Maphilindo itself can be broken down as: Ma – meaning Malaysian, Phil – meaning Philippines & Indo – meaning Indonesian.


One of the most notable differences of Maphilindo Silat to the more traditional Silat systems is the structure itself. Traditional Silat, although very efficient and effective, is geared more towards muddy or jungle terrain, where low stances and flowery hand motions are very prevalent. Maphilindo Silat, although having a traditional lineage, has been modified to suit the environment of western culture. In other words, the system has been developed to work from a kickboxing structure… this is the key.

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