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Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Guro Tobias is going to be offering Dog Brothers style training 2x a month at Kali Academy STL.

Guro Tobias Gibson is Red Dog Tag Instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA). He has been a student of Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny since 2008, as has been certified to teach DBMA since he became a Group Leader in 2009. Guro Tobias became a member of the Dog Brothers Tribe in 2013, and has fought twice in the Dog Brother “Gathering of the Pack.”

Being a student of Dog Brothers Martial Arts does not mean that you must fight in a Gathering or in class. “DBMA is ‘the system of many styles’ which has evolved out of the interplay of what we have been taught and our experience.” DBMA students benefit from the knowledge learned by those who often train in a high adrenal state. In short, DBMA is a system that has been tested in the laboratory of fighting. This allows our students to understand and maintain composure in high stress situations.

Guro Tobias began training in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and Jeet Kune Do (JKD) in 2005. He soon began to seek a different path, and has studied and is certified in several systems. In addition to DBMA, Guro Tobias is a first-generation student of Hock Hochheim, and is certified under Hock as an advanced instructor of Pacific Archipelago Combatives and Freelancer Filipino Combatives. He is also a certified Basic Instructor of Unarmed Combatives and Knife.

He was certified in Filipino Martial Arts through Guro Joe Craig of Apex Martial Arts in 2016 and is a level 2 instructor of Burton Richardson’s JKD Unlimited MMA for the Street.

Guro Tobias has taught martial arts and self defense since 2010. He served as the Westminster College MMA Club co-advisor for eight years. And, he has taken the fighting arts to the football field as a high school defensive line coach for five seasons and is now coaching at the collegiate level

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